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Periodic Table of Chemical Elements:
Multiple HTML tables include information about each of the chemical elements, including their historical names, dates of discovery, and electronegativities.

The arrangement of elements is similar to conventional tables, but rotated counterclockwise, as illustrated at right. Syncopated also suggests a new position for hydrogen that is more consistent with rules regarding its electronegativity. The tables allow scalable viewing of elements in these combinations of orbital blocks:

thumbnail preview of An Introduction to Printed Circuit BoardsAn Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards:
Nomenclature and historical development of printed circuit technology

Family Tree of Key Computer Technologies:
This large HTML table illustrates how key computer technologies of the last 50 years were derived from the first transistorized computers, the IBM 1400 series and CDC 160A.

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Computer Game Generations:
Part of a series about entertainment and computer games, this article provides parameters for identifying generations of similar video game consoles.

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Modular Telco Connector Wiring:
Need to wire modular Ethernet or similar connectors? Here is a good place to start.

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