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Intellectual Property

Syncopated vigorously defends its right to exclusively use its intellectual property including its trademarks.

Syncopated respects intellectual property owned by others, including their trademarks.


Except where otherwise stated, the entire contents of this Web site are and remain the property of Syncopated Systems and may not be republished in any form, including – but not limited to – republication via any other Web site.


As footnoted on its Web pages, Syncopated has registered its trademarks "Syncopated Systems" and "Syncopated Software" with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which grants Syncopated exclusive use of those and similar marks within the United States of America and abroad, via international treaties. In the computer and electronics industries, only Syncopated Systems owns live registered trademarks using the word "syncopate" or its derivatives.

Syncopated's logo appears at the top of its Web pages.

Created by interleaving the tines of two tuning forks, Syncopated's logo represents many aspects of its business. The tuning forks share the same shape as spurs, symbolizing the western tradition of Texas, Syncopated's home state. By themselves, the two tuning forks represent sound and the "fine tuning" that Syncopated performs. The combination of tuning forks represents harmony and the space between them forms Syncopated's initial "S"; both of these metaphors represent the synergy created by bringing together two things, making the combination more interesting and valuable than the separate components.

"Odd Gods" and "Recreate Reality"

Syncopated associates its Odd Gods brand and "recreate reality" slogan primarily with its development of computer-based games and other multimedia entertainment. Both refer to the creation of game environments – sometimes referred to as "virtual worlds" – and their use for recreation.

Internet Domain Names

Syncopated claims trademark ownership in the following and similar Internet domain names:

Syncopated's Internet Domain Names

In addition, Syncopated owns and regularly uses the Internet domain name < >, which includes the name of Syncopated's founder.

Syncopated does not purchase domain names from other registrants, and United States federal laws and international treaties prohibit the infringement of Syncopated's trademarks, including through the registration and/or use of similar domain names (such as replacing the top-level domains of those in the table below with ".info" or ".org").

Other Trademarks

Other Syncopated trademarks include (but are not limited to) "Get in sync with the off beat" and "slightly off-beat".


Trademarks of Others

This Web site may refer to trademarks owned by parties other than Syncopated. Syncopated claims no right of ownership in those marks. Unless explicitly granted license by their owners, Syncopated shall make only functional use of those marks as permissible by law.

Other Internet Domain Names

Syncopated is unrelated to the following:

For more information about intellectual property, see On Intellectual Property.

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