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Presidential Candidates' Web Site Types

This color-coded table of World-Wide Web site servers and their operating systems used by United States Presidential candidates is based on information found in the article Is the next President of the United States running Linux? by Douglas Karr (2007/06/23), apparently based on data obtained from Netcraft.

A summary of the operating systems used by the candidates follows below.

Site Operating System, Server and Host by Candidate

The table below includes announced, likely and withdrawn candidates in the 2008 United States Presidential election. In the table below, the names of candidates that have withdrawn have been stricken and endorsements indicated via arrows.

Presidential Candidates' Web Site Operating System and Server Types
partycandidateoperating systemserverhost
DemJoe Biden †
US senator from DE (6th term)
DemWesley ClarkHillary Clinton †
US Army general
LinuxApacheVoxel Dot Net, Inc.
DemHillary ClintonWesley Clark †
US senator from NY (2nd term)
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Paul Holcomb
DemChristopher Dodd †
US senator from CT (5th term)
FreeBSDApachePair Networks
DemJohn Edwards †
former US senator from NC
LinuxApachePlus Three
DemAl Gore
former Vice President
DemMike Gravel
former US senator from AK
LinuxApacheVoxel Dot Net, Inc.
DemDennis Kucinich †
US representative from OH
LinuxApacheNew Age Consulting
DemBarack Obama
US senator from IL (1st term)
FreeBSDApachePair Networks
DemBill Richardson †
NM governor
RepSam BrownbackJohn McCain †
US senator from KS
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0RackForce Hosting, Inc.
RepJim Gilmore †
former VA governor
LinuxApache1&1 Internet, Inc.
RepNewt Gingrich †
former Speaker of the House
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Smartech Corp.
RepRudy GiulianiJohn McCain †
former NY, NY mayor
RepChuck Hagel †
US senator from NE (2nd term)
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Individual
RepMike HuckabeeDuncan Hunter †
former AR governor
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0LNH, Inc.
RepDuncan HunterMike Huckabee †
US representative from CA
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Individual
RepJohn McCainSam Brownback & Rudy GiulianiTommy Thompson †
US senator from AZ (4th term)
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Smartech Corp.
RepRon Paul
US representative from TX
RepMitt RomneyTom Tancredo †
former MA governor
RepTom TancredoMitt Romney †
US representative from CO
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Interland
RepFred Thompson †
actor, former US senator from TN
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0LNH, Inc.
RepTommy ThompsonRudy GiulianiJohn McCain †
former WI governor
Windows Server 2003Microsoft-IIS/6.0Time Warner Telecom, Inc.

† withdrew/not a candidate:

Operating System Summary

The tables below summarize the operating systems used by candidates' World-Wide Web sites, including the percentage of the candidates' parties and percentage of all candidates.

2007 June

As tabulated below, the operating systems most-used in June 2007 by Presidential candidates are Linux (by 70% of Democrats) and Windows Server 2003 (by 69% of Republicans).

Total Candidates by Operating System as of 2007/06/23
 FreeBSDLinuxWindows Server 2003total
Dem2 (20% pty; 9% tot)7 (70% pty; 30% tot)1 (10% pty; 4% tot)10 (43%)
Rep0 (0%)4 (31% pty; 17% tot)9 (69% pty; 39% tot)13 (57%)
total2 (9%)11 (48%)10 (43%)23 (100%)

2008 February

As of February 2008, operating systems used were split more evenly between candidates.

Total Candidates by Operating System as of 2008/02/02
 FreeBSDLinuxWindows Server 2003total
Dem1 (33% pty; 17% tot)1 (33% pty; 17% tot)1 (33% pty; 17% tot)3 (50%)
Rep0 (0%)1 (33% pty; 40% tot)2 (67% pty; 29% tot)3 (50%)
total1 (17%)2 (33%)3 (50%)6 (100%)

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