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An Introduction to the World-Wide Web

For more than 20 years, I have published and refined my own skills in crafting high-quality on-line documents. Especially in recent years, I have become increasing appalled by the products of many new commercial practitioners that are clearly ignorant of the laws and standards governing their crafts. Through this section, I hope to promote the overall quality of on-line publications.

This section describes communication and publishing specifically via the World-Wide Web; for more general information on communication and publishing, see On Effective Modern Communication.

Throughout this section:

  • "Internet" refers to the inter-network telecommunication of computer data between smaller networks of computers or the combined collection of connections enabling telecommunication between those computer networks;
  • "Web" refers to the World-Wide Web, a collection of pages of text and other data accessible using a small subset of Internet data telecommunication protocols;
  • "Web page" refers to a collection of data that may be retrieved via a Web browser program given a single resource identifier or location;
  • "Web site" refers to any number of Web pages available via the same Internet domain name; and
  • "home page" refers to the Web page intended by an individual or organization as the primary point of reference for information about him, her, or it, and/or the page at the root level of a Web site.

Table of Contents

For more general information about communication and publishing, see On Effective Modern Communication.

For infomation related to publishing on the World-Wide Web, see An Introduction to the Unix Operating System.