Syncopated Systems
Seriously Sound Science


Table of Contents

  1. Why Hire a Silicon Valley Computer Scientist?
  2. How I Started
  3. Silicon Valley Wages
  4. What Meets the Eye
    1. A Very Brief Summary of How Vision Works
    2. What Is Light?
      1. Light is Rays to Our Eyes (Not From Them)
      2. Light is Rays from Afar
      3. Light is a Spectrum of Colors (Visible to Most)
      4. Light is Part of a Broader Spectrum
      5. Light is the Fastest Thing (When Not Impeded)
      6. Light is a Particle and a Wave
      7. Light is a Form of Radiation
      8. Radiation Safety, Atmospheric Absorbtion, and Altitude
      9. Light is Transformed Through Absorbtion
      10. Light is Heat Energy
    3. Electric Light
      1. Electric Arc Lamps
      2. Non-Lighting Uses for Ultraviolet Lamps
      3. Electric Incandescent Lamps
      4. Fluorescent Lamps
      5. Street Lights
      6. Light-Emitting Diodes
    4. Seeing More Than Stars
    5. How We Perceive, Measure, and Describe Light and Color
      1. Color Wheels
      2. Color Models
      3. Trichromatic Color Models
      4. Perception-Based Color Models
      5. A Rose, By Any Other Name
      6. Crayola Color Wheels
    6. Color Codes
      1. Electronic Color Code
      2. Telephony Color Code
      3. Other Color-Coded Wire and Cable
      4. AC Power Wire Colors
      5. Automotive Wire Colors
      6. PC Power Supply Wire Colors
      7. USB Wire Colors
    7. Television
    8. Computer Displays
      1. Computer Color Spaces
    9. In Memoriam